15% - 90%
为了照顾到每个业主的需求和心愿,我们提供极度灵活的管理(所得收益分配)百分比。 依据我们与每个住宅的业者达成的协议,业主可以根据各自的利润对其所提供的资金进行调整。 例如,一套需要装修的资产也许可以用我们自己的资金来制备,并且不需要业主的贡献。 其结果是,这一特定资产的管理(所得收益分配)百分比将会被调整,以满足两方共同承担的财务状况。 如果业主提供了制备资产的资金,这一百分比将被相应地调整,以给予业主更多的利润。 

最后,值得注意的是,homm® 不但提供长期购买或租赁资产的机会,而且我们能够提前支付资产收入,并且绝对尊重资产所有人的个人需要和愿望。
居留许可 - 签证
Services Relevant to the Property Purchase
The selection of real estate for sale is based on very strict criteria. We own most of the properties therefore guarantee that each piece of property is fully legitimate with all relevant documents (building permits, titles of ownership, architectural blueprints, energy certificates etc). From that point on, our technical department will perform a thorough examination of each property to ascertain its general condition, its static standards and possibly suggest repairs that will improve its chances for selection, as well as we prepare a full report and other data (location, age of the property, etc).

Services Relevant to the Residency Permit
After the completion of the purchase procedure, we proceed with the necessary actions for the issuance of your residency permit the soonest possible.
  • We will collect all relevant documents ascertaining the purchase of the property, that are required for the issuance of the residency permit
  • We will submit the relevant application to the public authorities and will collect the temporary permit
  • We will follow the course of your application until the issuance of the final residency permit
  • We will deliver the permit to you and your family
Your sole task is to provide us with certain certificates for you and your family.
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