Find out how much money you can make by giving us just the keys from your apartment!
What homm® does
homm® is a 100% Greek company launched in 2004 and dealing with the market of property management in various strategic areas of Athens and Mykonos, as well as the wider area of Greece.
70% of the properties we manage are proprietary, while we are currently preparing two new buildings, in the historical site of Athens that will be used as rented apartments.
We offer an integrated service of property management, in cooperation with the owners and always based on the optimization of revenues deriving from this process. 
homm® is managing some of the most distinctive properties in Greece and offering its services to its clientele, interested in purchase of a property, for residence or even for an investement required to obtain a residence permit. 
Property evaluation
Based on our experience and the know-how of the experts, we proceed with an accurate and effective evaluation related to the value of your property. Depending on the size and the location, the specific characteristics and the renovation requirements, the financial evaluation of our team completely corresponds to the givens of contemporary market and constitutes the most solid basis on which our mutual cooperation will be built. 
Property preparation
With a specially formed team of professionals and with our very own experts, we take up the task of preparing your property in the most efficient manner possible. Engineers, architects, interior and exterior designers, as well as accountants, lawyers and notaries are right by your side throughout the process. The professionals composing our team are fully specialized, well reputed in their field and with deep knowledge of the market. During renovation, in the kitchen and bathroom we only use products of the highest quality standards from Franke Gessi and Villeroy & Boch. 
Online Management
Depending on your personalized needs and desires, we fully manage the reservations for your property throughout the year. We take up the task of promoting your property through all the platforms such as Airbnb, fully managing potential reservations and responding to any potential questions rising 24/7. 
Reservation Increase
Through the ideal online management of your property, the reservation rate for your apartment is optimized. More visitors complete their reservation choosing your own property, increasing the revenues that you benefit from.
We fully undertake the management of your property, facing any immediate requirement swiftly and efficiently. We have professionals responding to calls for any maintenance or repair within minimum time period. As a result, your property remains flawlessly functional and is ready to host the next visitors without any delay. 
24/7 Communication
Every moment counts when it comes to online reservations. Consequently, it is essential that the potential renters of the property always find a reply to any question they might express. Articulate service 24/7 predisposes positively the completion of reservations and the increase of revenues on behalf of your apartment. 
Professional Services
We offer a wide range of services, which facilitate the rental of your property. Professional cleaning, concierge services and services of improvement, renovation or repair of your property, transportation services to and from your property, all the procedures are completed with utmost professionalism and with absolute respect to your proprietary space, as well as the needs of your visitors.
Financial Management
We undertake the financial management of your property in the most efficient manner. We provide you with the opportunity to sell or rent your property to us, so as to 100% cover your financial goals and desires. In addition, we offer you full coverage of the foreseeable revenues for your property within a year beforehand. Besides buying or renting your apartment, we offer you the chance to cover utilities and other expenses on your behalf. 
83 posidonos av.
166 75 glyfada
Athens Greece
+30 210 8944 484