What will homm® do for me?
homm® offers an integrated option in property management. So, if you have an apartment that you wish to rent and you do not know where to start, homm® will lead you every step of the way from the initial financial evaluation of the property, to its proper preparation and its ideal promotion online. We will undertake reservations for your property, serve your guests and offer you the revenues at the end of each month. 
What can I rent?
The choice is yours! If you have an apartment at a strategic spot in Athens, a house or a whole block of flats, a studio or any other type of property, you can rent it with the optimal benefits with the active contribution of homm®.
How much money can I make?
That depends on various factors, such as the size of your property and its preserved state, the need for renovation and all personalized necessities emerging. In general, at homm® we are committed towards providing you with the opportunity to optimize your profit through the property you own.
What do I need to do?
The process you must follow is simple. You communicate with us, so as for us to give you our initial evaluation about the property you wish to rent. Then, any renovation and preparation procedure is set into motion. Afterwards, your property is promoted online through the search engines of respective properties and the reservations begin. 
I already have a property listed at Airbnb, can you handle it?
Of course we can! In fact, we already do business with many owners who have already listed their properties in pages like Airbnb. Upon launching our cooperation, their reservations have indeed skyrocketed! 
Are there any requirements for cooperating with homm®?
At homm® we are interested in homes, apartments and studios. If you are a property owner, contact us to schedule our cooperation! 
How is the payment processed?
At Homm we offer you the opportunity to get paid beforehand for the revenues of the whole year. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to rent or even sell your property to us. At the end of each month, since it has been agreed upon, you will be deposited the money from your property’s reservations.  
Useful information
It is certain that location is crucial when it comes to increasing revenues from your property. Apartments and houses located nearby means of transportation or points of interest attract much greater interest on behalf of potential renters. Additional facilities and services such as free Wi-Fi has also been proven to increase interest towards the specific property. 
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